Laminated Glass

One of the most promising and sought-after technologies in the modern world is the technology of glass lamination (laminated).

Triplex (from the Latin triplex -. Triple) - laminated glass. This term is usually called as a special manufacturing technology of glass products, and its result, which is the special laminated glass, which is usually produced by pressing under heating.

The finished laminated glass is subjected to various tests and checks, including glass test for resistance to impact, penetration, light (radiation), humidity and heat, incandescent, heat shock, resistance to disintegration into fragments.

Laminated glass production has greatly increased the possibility of the use of glass in large structures, with a large glass area.

Make the glass is not only safe (protection class A0, A1, A2, A3), but also aesthetically pleasing as possible.

For this purpose, protective and decorative films.

Safety options will transform the glass shatterproof, darkened, shatterproof and thermal insulation.

Decorative options will help in turn:

  • complement the style of the room;
  • eliminate unwanted glare surfaces;
  • visually separate the bedroom area;
  • abandon the blinds or screens in rooms with glass partitions, as applied to the transparent surface of the film is excellent camouflage, not much affecting the light transmission. Since the scope of the triplex is wide enough, two areas can be divided into:
  • Building triplex - glazed high-rise buildings, fences ladders, glass roofs, conservatories, automotive glass, armored glass in banks and special machines.
  • Art triplex - a triplex, the production of which takes place with the use of decorative "filler." So "filler" can be a color film, fabric, natural and artificial leather, dry plants, wallpapers, etc. Art triplex can significantly expand the scope of the glass. Products obtained by triplex technology, successfully used by designers in the modern Interior.