Multifunction Glazing

Multifunction glazing, when the external glass combines the properties of the sun and energy saving, have become a reality.

In the multi glass surface metal coating is applied, the only difference from the AND Glass is not superimposed in one and in several layers. And each of the next layer of molecules lie crosswise with the molecules of the previous one. This ensures reflection of heat into the room in winter and in summer - outside.

Advantages over conventional multifunctional glazing due primarily to the presence of the silver deposition. List of the main advantages is quite wide:

  • Reduction of excess heat in summer by reflecting heat rays.
  • The effect of energy-saving glass to effectively conserve heat in cold periods.
  • Saving energy in the absence of the need to keep heating and air conditioning included.
  • Less heating costs.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.
  • Filtering UV protects the furniture, wallpaper, curtains and carpeting from fading.