Energy-saving Glass

Apply energy-saving windows with low-emissivity coating - hard (k-glass) and soft (i - glass).

K-glass - float glass is covered with asphalt. Sputtering glass on the surface of the metal oxide improves its energy saving properties, while reducing emissivity. During the production of float glass, when it is still hot, is deposited by pyrolysis of a thin metal oxide film. Due to the interaction of glass and metal oxide atoms is formed resistant coating, which not afraid of any mechanical damage. To further enhance the heat-shielding characteristics of the K-quenched glass and laminated.

I-glass is a new generation of glass in the glass industry. It is very similar to the K-glass, but has a higher level of core indicators. In the float glass is applied in two layers of low emissivity metal oxide deposition. This process occurs with the installation of the vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment. This method of coating deposition is called "soft" or Double Low-E.