Tempered Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass

Tempered glass in recent years is gaining popularity. This is due to its high mechanical strength, compared with a conventional sheet glass, and safety in operation.

Today, in many countries of the glazing of the upper floors of buildings, as well as balconies and loggias must only be safe when operating the glass to avoid injury from large pieces of glass falling in its destruction.

Furthermore, tempered glass is designed to secure transparent glazing building structures (windows, doors, windows, etc.).

Tempered glass is a glass sheet subjected to special heat treatment in order to increase mechanical strength and to secure the destruction of nature.

High-tech oven LLC "OP NII PKD" allows to temper the following types of windows with maximum dimensions 2600h6000 mm (including minimum emission factor of 0.02):

  • float glass;
  • matt (Matelux, sandblasting);
  • tinted;
  • Energy saving (low-e);
  • solar control;
  • multifunction;
  • enameled.