Enamelled glass

Enamelled glass - this glass, on one surface of which an enamel paint is applied (any color according to RAL) and after it dries the glass is subjected to tempering, possessing all the properties of tempered safety glass.

Painting is baked into the surface and becomes an integral part of the glass. That is why enamelled glass (or enamel stemalit) is extremely resistant to aggressive media (acids, alkalis), has a high resistance to wear and is an indispensable product for outdoor applications.

Enamelled glass is used in various fields, but mostly it is used in the facade glazing, interior and exterior design both functional and decorative glazing element:

  • external and internal facing buildings of various types;
  • facade glazing;
  • Arrangement of partitions;
  • Production of commercial equipment;
  • furniture manufacture;
  • Wall panels;
  • manufacture of glass doors.

Facade glazing emalitom advantageous from an aesthetic point of view, because the color coat, creating the appearance of the facade of the whole glass, successfully hiding bearing structure of the building elements. For lining ventilated facades enamel used in the form of prefabricated panels or single.

Furthermore, enamel is often used in a laminated, for example, in the manufacture of glass floors, doors, stairs and other structures.

Our company "OP NII PKD" offers a wide choice of color, unlimited forms and all the possible options of finished products, from single enamelled glass to emalita composed of laminated glass and insulating glass.


  • Minimum - 300 x 500 mm
  • maximum - 2400 x 4000 mm
  • Glass thickness: 3-25 mm
  • Color models: RAL, NCS
  • Edging: polishing, grinding, bevelling


  • hide the ceiling and supporting structures
  • implementation of design solutions facades