Digital in-glass printing

Digital in-glass printing - glass with a full-color large-format images printed by a digital printing ink resistant ceramic that in the process of tempering glass vpekayutsya in and become an integral part of it.

Application By this method ensures excellent quality, richness of color and high performance.

Glazing of facades using glass decorated ceramics - a completely new word in the design of the exterior.

The trend of using glass with printed images in recent years in actual architecture. This drawing application technology opens up new possibilities for visual effects and the use of glass.

Glass facades with ceramic images gives the building a unique and distinctive look. Glazing windows and stained glass using the glass ceramic seal will create an original and memorable image of the company, store, studio or boutique. Actually a decorative solution for showcases beauty salons, glass, made of tempered glass with a unique printed design will create a truly stylish and original facade.

Possible use of decorated glass:

  • Facade glazing;
  • Glazing windows;
  • The windows and stained-glass windows;
  • atrium roof and canopies;
  • Glass floors;
  • Glass doors, partition walls, fences.

Since the substrate image provides an aesthetic appearance of glass with two sides (reverse side is completely smooth), patterned glass finds extensive use in interior works successfully manufactured interior doors and partition walls, walls for the bath and shower cabins, facades for furniture.

Ability to create a unique architectural and interior design projects in color with a maximum degree of individualization.

Maximum size: 3210 × 6000 mm


  • decoration of facades and advertising space
  • implementation of design solutions in interior

Technical capabilities

  • No need to stencils
  • applied directly to the glass
  • natural color (6 colors)
  • high detail (drop fix)
  • photographic quality (resolution 720 dpi)
  • the ability to print borderless (from edge to edge)
  • Transparency regulation

Projects on individual order


  • Digital printing jumbo-format 3210h6000 mm in the highest resolution of 720 dpi (dots per inch)
  • resistance to UV radiation, chemical resistance, moisture, surface scratches
  • the possibility of using a part of laminated glass and insulating glass
  • the possibility of applying for the facade, as well as for interior glazing.